Home-based Business Idea Concierge Service

Concierge service is a good home-based business that has a sure market. While in the previous years, concierge business is only available to the elite and corporate executives, it is making its lucrative way to other sectors.

Today, concierge services are used by celebrities and busy professionals who constantly need someone to help them organize their schedule and manage their lives. If you are apt for running errands for others, you might want to consider starting a concierge business.

Depending on the type of services you would like to offer, it is important to determine your limits. There are many clients who need to do things for them.

Some services may be against your principles or beyond your capacity. It is important to be clear with your niche as one irate and unsatisfied client could ruin your reputation.

Some of the concierge services needed are setting appointments with hairstylists, doctors or personal training sessions.

There are also times in which clients would hire people to buy groceries, walk their dogs, or accompany their pets to the vet clinics or take dirty laundry to laundry service centers.

Other home-based businesses providing concierge services focus on doing office tasks such as handling travel arrangements, setting business appointments and meeting and organizing conferences, corporate parties, etc.

A rich market is also flourishing in the areas requiring services such as housekeeping, cleaning services, party planning, picking up mail, preparing dinner or paying bills.

Equally important is setting the availability of your services. Can you render services anytime of the day or night?

Branding yourself is important as people pay for your services and not products. Your personality should reflect the concierge services you offer.

The brand image that you are projecting should be visible to your promotional campaign such as flyers, business cards and transportation service.

The competition is tough, so you should know how to sell yourself to clients. Your business must stand out from the rest by providing services that have a good market but low in service providers.

Start creating your network of contacts to have easy business transactions. For example, if your niche is about dinner preparation, you must know several caterers or restaurant owners, event decorators and other suppliers.

You must have many contacts that provide services according to the standards of your clients. Developing your business plan is crucial.

The marketing aspect is the backbone of your home-based business. Learn which marketing strategies are best to promote your concierge services. Know which areas have high demands for concierge services and focus your promotional campaign there.

At times, it is also wise to include in your marketing campaign areas which may not have huge market but only few service providers are available.

The word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Disseminate the information to your friends, neighbors and former office co-workers about your home-based business.

To have a regular income, encourage your clients to sign a comprehensive service contract with you. Offer discounts and a free service of their choice if they sign a one-year or two-year contract with you.