Home-based Business Floating Candles-materials

If you are engaged in a home-based business, and you make candle-making as your niche, consider making floating candles. Floating candles are an evidence that flame can survive water because they actually float on it. You simply need to put several of them in a bowl of water or tall vase. Parties are given romantic touch and creativity as swimming pools have decorative floating candles on them.

There are many designs of floating candles, but one thing that makes them all similar is its width. The candles are wider than they are high. For candles to float, they should be wide and shallow. If you have been making candles as your home-based business niche, you would have somehow known the basic information about candle-making, especially the materials and safety measures. For this article, we talk about the materials.

Just like you would make candles for your home-based business, you would need the following materials:

1. Wax. Paraffin votive blend is normally used in making floating candles. However, there are few types of wax to choose from. There is wax from natural sources such as bayberry, beeswax, soy, and palm. Palm is very rare as palm wax has huge effects on the ecosystem of regions where palm trees replaced most of plantations.

Bayberry wax has natural olive green color as it is derived from bayberry fruits. The fruits are heated to extract the wax. Beeswax is obtained from beehive and it has honey for its color. Soy wax is extracted from soybean and has neutral color.

2. Wick. Use wick with untabbed zinc core that fits a candle between 1 and 2 inches.

3. Mold. You can use any molds for floating candles. If you have small molds, you can use them as long as they are larger at the top than their bottom. You can use molds for tarts, cupcake or muffin pans as well. Candle supply stores provide specific floater molds for candles, you can check them if you want.

4. Thermometer. A candy thermometer will do.

5. Coloring dye. If you use paraffin wax, you may want to add different colors on to make your candles. You have to ensure though that the coloring dye is compatible with the wax that you are using. For home-based business, floating candles of different colors, shapes and designs would guarantee good profits.

6. Fragrance oils. Unless you are using wax besides paraffin, you may want to opt this out. Still, there are other people who love to smell different aromas regardless if you are using bayberry and beeswax which have sweet smelling and honey scents respectively.

7. Equipment. Besides the materials, you may also need a melting pot and electric stove. If this is your first time to engage in candle-making business, melting pots are used to melt your wax over flame or heating pan such as stove. Coal, LPG or firewood can also provide flame to melt your wax.

It is important to practice making floating candles before you start selling them for your home-based business. Explore options on how and where to learn about different designs such as various flowers and objects.